CPAP Correctional Facilities

CPAP Correctional Facility 

The C-PAP Department has been providing CPAP equipment and respiratory therapy services to NYS correctional facilities since 2011. We are able to design and implement a unique program to assist correctional facilities with the on-site diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea.

With the exception of a few complicated cases per year, the entire testing and treatment program is administered within the facility, limiting the need for expensive medical trips into the community.

Outside medical trips present various logistical and economic challenges for institutions of all sizes. Providing healthcare services on-site whenever possible reduces staff disruptions, improves safety, and reduces cost.

The C-PAP Department has been providing on-site sleep apnea testing, PAP therapy equipment, and respiratory therapy support for over 10 years. The program has saved millions in security and transportation costs for our correctional facility partners. The positive patient outcomes have worked to offset the 10% all cause healthcare costs associated with untreated sleep apnea. The program can be tailored to fit the needs of the individual facility.


How can an on-site sleep apnea testing and treatment program benefit your correctional facility?


Safety: Eliminating nighttime trips makes the testing process safer for staff and the community.

Saves Security / Transportation Costs: Reduces overtime for security staff and saves on vehicle costs.

Administrative Costs: Single source vendor streamlines the testing and treatment process. 

Therapy Compliance: Device usage is monitored and documented during follow up appointments.

Healthcare Cost Savings: Program eliminates unnecessary repeat sleep studies, while treatment reduces overall healthcare spend per patient.


Listed below are recent statistics that we have calculated from our participating facilities.



Our unique facility testing makes it easier and safer for those who need CPAP care and assistance to be treated for properly.


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