RemZzzs Padded Nasal Mask Liners (30 Day Supply)

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Sometimes using a CPAP silicone cushion can lead to skin irritation or excessive sweating. The RemZzz CPAP mask liner is designed to help prevent moisture from developing, leading to less skin irritation and fewer mask leaks. The special blend of natural fibers wick away moisture and prevents conditions like cushion 'burping' or 'squealing', two types of cushion leaks that generate noise. The liner prevents the cushion from slipping and absorbs facial oils that would otherwise loosen the cushion seal.

Each 30-Day Kit comes with 30 RemZzzs mask liners and (2) forehead liners. Use the forehead liner if you are experiencing red marks from the mask's forehead support. Each forehead liner lasts for about 15 days and is designed to use all sides of the forehead liner by simply turning it over or refolding to a new surface.

The RemZzz CPAP mask liner comes in Small, Medium, or Large sizes for several of the top manufactured masks on the market. Each order comes with a 30-day supply of RemZzz liners specific to your size mask. For help with selecting the right RemZzz CPAP mask liner, please review the following:


Nasal Sizing Chart


Mask Mask Size RemZzz Size
DreamWisp One Size Frame Extra Small
Activa Standard Medium B
Activa Shallow Medium B
Activa Large Large B
Activa LT Small Small B
Activa LT Medium Medium B
Activa LT Large Large B
Activa LT Large Wide Large B
AirFit N10 For Her Small Extra Small
AirFit N10 Standard Small B
AirFit N10 Wide Medium B
AirFit N20 For Her Small Extra Small
AirFit N20 Small Extra Small
AirFit N20 Medium Small B
AirFit N20 Large Medium B
Comfort Classic Small Small A
Comfort Classic Medium Medium A
Comfort Fusion Small Small A
Comfort Fusion Medium Medium A
ComfortGel Petite Small A
ComfortGel Small Small A
ComfortGel Medium Medium A
ComfortGel Large Large A
ComfortSelect Small Small A
ComfortSelect Small Wide Medium A
ComfortSelect Medium Medium A
D100 Nasal Small Small A
D100 Nasal Medium Medium A
D100 Nasal Large Large A
EasyFit-All Cushion Types Small Small A
EasyFit-All Cushion Types Medium Medium A
EasyFit-All Cushion Types Large Large A
EasyLife Small Large B
EasyLife Medium Uses Full Face Liner
EasyLife Large Uses Full Face Liner
Eson / Eson 2 Small Extra Small / Small B (see note below)
Eson / Eson 2 Medium Medium B
Eson / Eson 2 Large Large B
HC405 Small Small B
HC405 Large Medium B
HC406 Petite Small B
HC407 Standard Medium B
Mirage Micro Small Small B
Mirage Micro Medium Medium B
Mirage Micro Large Large B
Mirage Micro Large Wide Large B
Mirage Micro Extra Large Large B
Mirage FX Small Extra Small
Mirage FX Standard/For Her Medium B
Mirage FX Wide Medium B
Pico Small/Medium Extra Small
Pico Large Small B
Pico Extra Large Medium A
Profile Lite Small Small A
Profile Lite Medium Small Medium A
Profile Lite Medium Medium A
Profile Lite Medium Wide Large A
Profile Lite Large Large A
Profile Lite Large Narrow Large A
SoftGel Small Small B
SoftGel Medium Medium B
SoftGel Large Large B
SoftGel Large Wide Large B
Swift FX Nano Standard Small B
Swift FX Nano Wide Medium B
Swift FX Nano For Her Small Extra Small
TrueBlue Petite Extra Small
TrueBlue Small Extra Small
TrueBlue Medium Small B
TrueBlue Medium Wide Small B
TrueBlue Large Small B
Ultra Mirage II Shallow Small B
Ultra Mirage II Standard Medium B
Ultra Mirage II Shallow Wide Small B
Ultra Mirage II Large Large B
Wisp Petite Extra Small
Wisp Small/Medium Extra Small
Wisp Large Small B
Wisp Extra Large Small B
Zest/Zest Q Petite Extra Small
Zest/Zest Q One Size Fits Most Medium B
Zest/Zest Q Plus Large B
Zzz-Mask SG Nasal Small Small B
Zzz-Mask SG Nasal Medium Medium B
Zzz-Mask SG Nasal Large Large B

Note: Eson™ Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear, size small: We have found that both the Extra Small and Small B liners are compatible with the Eson™ in size small. The Extra Small will provide a smaller hole, while the Small B will provide a larger one.

Packaging Note: In some instances the printing on the RemZzzs box may be purple instead of blue. This is a packaging change only and the liner itself remains unchanged.